18 Tishrei 5782 / Friday, September 24, 2021 | Torah Reading: Sukkot
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I Love Everyone!    

I Love Everyone!

Rabbi Arush’s new campaign to bring the Redemption with mercy kicks off! It’s so incredibly easy. Just say “I love everyone”!


In our days, everything is a “campaign.” 


In light of the situation that the Jewish people and the world is currently facing, I have decided to start a new campaign: “I love everyone!” We have to recruit as many Jews, Noahides and non-Jews as possible to join this group! The more people join this campaign and follow its guidelines, the faster the Redemption will come. This is the group of the Redemption! This is the group of Moshiach! Even more, when Moshiach comes, he will point at you and say, “In your merit I came!” 


Right now, the world at large, and the Jewish people in particular, are in very difficult circumstances. There is such terrible hatred – hateful speech, hateful deeds, and hateful thoughts - and lashon hara (evil speech) spreading around the world, carried on the wings of the news and social media. It is really awful. 


Anyone who wants the final Redemption and wants Moshiach to come – must join this group! Anyone who wants what is the truly best for the Jewish people – must join this group! There is nothing that can bring light to the Jewish people and the entire world like shalom – peace. We all must love each other! We must make it our mission and ambition to truly love every Jew, and every person, regardless of religion, race, creed or nationality. We must strive and pray to live at peace with every Jew, and every person around us. 


How much you have the attribute of shalom is also the true measure of your spiritual level, and your level of emuna. Someone who has emuna also has shalom! He loves every Jew, he loves every human being, without exceptions. How many stories do we have of tzaddikim who were known and loved by the non-Jews around them, who they helped just like a brother!


Then you have the poor guy who doesn’t have emuna. He thinks this one hurt him, and that one caused him harm. But emuna says Ein Od Milvado! There is nothing besides G-d! Therefore, everything that happens is from Hashem. No one can hurt you, and no one can help you, if not for Hashem’s decree! Other people are just puppets – sticks in Hashem’s hands. Everything that happens is from Hashem and every person needs to believe this completely. To the level that you truly believe it and live according to it, is your true level. 


We have to know that the real truth is that deep down, we are only good. Everyone only wants to do good, and be good. Sometimes, we don't succeed to actually do good – but that isn’t because we are intrinsically bad. It’s because we have not yet built the proper vessels to be good. We don't yet have the spiritual muscles, so to speak. We haven't prayed enough about what we are doing and asked Hashem for help.


Most people don't even know that they are supposed to pray and ask G-d to help them succeed to be good! Since prayer is the Good Inclination, therefore someone who isn't praying every day in personal prayer has only an Evil Inclination. It's no wonder that he sins and makes mistakes!  Perhaps he hasn’t even learned about what he is doing wrong either... 


However, every person feels deep happiness when they manage to do something good. Our real happiness comes from doing good! And when we even think of doing bad things, deep inside we are suffering from those thoughts. That’s because we don’t really want those bad thoughts! Our real desire is only to do good, to think good, and to be good! Our real essence is only good! 


We must be very strong with this knowledge, and carry this with us constantly. We must believe it about ourselves, and we must believe it about everyone else! Just like you forgive yourself for your mistakes because you know that isn’t the real you, and you still love yourself – so too, you must love everyone because they are good just like you, and they also didn’t really want to hurt you or make that mistake deep down. 



There is nothing that can bring good to the world as much as peace. The Gemara says, “Gadol hu hashalom  How great is peace!” The Misha says that the best vessel to receive all the blessings is peace. Hashem can send you every blessing, but if you don’t have the vessel of peace to contain it, it is simply wasted – like milk which spills to the floor if there isn’t a cup to receive the milk when it’s poured.


When the Jewish people received the Torah when we were “like one man with one heart.” We can only receive the Torah and all of its blessings when there is peace and unity within the Jewish people! 


On the flip side, nothing is as dangerous as hatred and division. All the things that are currently going on in the Jewish people – the hatred, the division, everyone talking about everyone else, everyone slandering the tzaddikim - is a serious danger to the Jewish people. 


In the next article in the series, I explain why exactly "I Love Everyone" is The Slogan of the Redemption. 

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