15 Adar 5781 / Saturday, February 27, 2021 | Torah Reading: Tetzaveh
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A Billion Dollar Business - A New Light    

A Billion Dollar Business - A New Light

Rabbi Arush offers us the opportunity to get into a billion dollar business, which has no risk, and zero investment up front. Who doesn’t want in?


Rabbi Arush gets our attention in a hurry by offering an opportunity to receive a billion dollar business! It requires zero investment up front, and is accessible to everyone. Yes, that’s exactly right! And that isn't all. The business comes with zero risk! In other words, guaranteed infinite profit with zero investment. 


The greatest difficulty about this advice is that, because it is so amazing and certain, it appears to be implausible. 


Before receiving this gift, he urges us to make a strong resolution: I will not lose this opportunity! Stop, take a deep breath, and say I will read this advice that will change my life and with Hashem’s help, I will take it and keep it! 


Rebbe Nachman of Breslev says the following benefits are guaranteed: You will receive a perfect rectification of your soul and attain everything good. All files and indictments against you will be utterly annulled. That means you will live a life of happiness in this world and, after 120 years, you will enter the Garden of Eden without undergoing judgment. Moreover, you will attain many more earnings without measure. 


What do you have to do? What is your role in this business? 


All that is required of you is to devote an hour every day to meet with the Creator of the World. In this meeting, thank the Creator for all the good and kindness that He does for you. Tell the Creator everything you have done that day. Request forgiveness for the things that were not in keeping with His will, and seek help from now on in all material and spiritual matters. 


This demands that you make a resolute commitment to set aside a place and time to meet with the Creator every single day, and begin to implement this every day like a Swiss watch. Rabbi Arush counsels us not to compromise on any part of this, because we have already received such a steep discount.  


This is the rock bottom price. Therefore, we must make a firm resolution! Right now say out loud: I will not rest and I will not be silent today until I find a way to set aside an hour in my daily schedule for the most important thing in my life.  


Rebbe Nachman says that as a result of judging and evaluating oneself each day, one sweetens and nullifies judgment from above, because when there is judgment below, there is no judgment above. Regarding the good that you have done, thank God for helping you to succeed. Regarding the bad, ask for forgiveness and express regret for not asking God to help you to do better. The Creator of the World tells you: When you judge yourself, I will forgive your sins every day.” In other words, you experience a personal Yom Kippur that grants atonement for all your sins. 


 A person who engages in regular personal prayer wipes the slate clean every day. How foolish it would be not to take this tremendous gift! 


Rebbe Nachman made a famous promise to anyone who comes to his grave site, gives a coin to charity and says the 10 Psalms of Tikkun Klali. He pledges that he will take that person out of Gehinnom (Hell). At the same time, he promises that someone who engages  in  hitbodedut  (personal  prayer) daily will never come to see the face of Gehinnom. You will not leave this world without attaining your soul correction!  


As a fringe benefit, Rabbi Arush explains that this is a guarantee for long life. We all have a lot of things to correct, and now, Rebbe Nachman promises you time to correct it all. Hence, daily personal prayer promises you Heaven on Earth, for a good long time! Who would refuse such a gift? 


I know what you may be thinking right now: “That sounds great but how in the world am I going to set aside an hour each day from my schedule? Good question. From my own personal experience I think it's best to start out with just a few minutes and work your way up. The most important thing is to get started. Beginning is winning! 


Additionally, it is definitely preferable to pray for an hour straight without interruption. However, if this is not possible, don’t just give up on personal prayer for the day. The hour can be done in segments in a way that fits your schedule when there is no choice. 


Most importantly, keep reviewing the awesome benefits and realize that your daily meeting with Hashem is the greatest gift you could ever receive. Be tenacious in your determination to work your way up to an hour every single day. Your Father and King loves each son and daughter like an only child. By making personal prayer a priority each day, you show that you love Him and want to come close to Him. As you engage in this practice over time, believe me, you will begin to forge a stronger personal relationship with Hashem and begin to view life from an elevated vantage point. 


What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to start than now. Take a walk around the block and begin thanking Hashem for all the kindness you receive from Him. Take a good look at yourself and thank Him for all you have been able to accomplish and ask for His help where you know you’ve fallen short. Your beloved Father and King is waiting to hear from you. 



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