1 Teves 5782 / Sunday, December 05, 2021 | Torah Reading: Mikeitz
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How you can help
Distribute EmunaDistribute Emuna

The recommended donation of $148 (500NIS) enables Chut shel Chessed to distribute 10 emuna books in your honor, or in honor of a loved one or departed relative.
$75 (250NIS) enables Chut shel Chessed to distribute 100 GEMS.
Chut Shel Chessed and Breslev Israel ignites Jewish souls throughout the world.
Hebrew Website - One of most popular Hebrew language websites on the internet, we provide a glimpse into the beauty of Judaism to over 1,500,000 Jews per year. Israelis in such far-away places as China, Uruguay, Iran and Thailand, to name just a few, enter our site regularly. Our site is fully secured and has a valid certification by all major American and Israeli credit cards. To view BreslevIsrael in Hebrew, click here
Internet Radio – Using the latest technology, our staff works around the clock to provide Jews everywhere with Jewish music and inspirational lectures 24/6.  To hear our radio, click here.
English Website –  Our English language website, (formally known as Breslovworld), reaches over 2000 people each day. From Malaysia to Hawaii to Munich to London to New York, to Texas, searching Jews (and non-Jew) throughout the world are finding answers to their questions on our English website. 
Disks, tapes and DVDs – Our technical department has recorded over 2,500,000 high quality disks, tapes and DVDs on more than 400 different topics, and distributed them throughout the world at below-cost prices.
Lectures - Rabbi Arush lectures nightly in different cities throughout the country, and travels abroad several times a year, to bring the light of Breslev to Jews in the United States, Europe and Canada. To bring Rabbi Arush to your community, please contact eli.goldsmith@breslev.co.il.
Outreach - Chut shel Chessed travels all over Israel with more than 30,000 of Rabbi Arush's books distributed monthly, 60,000 newsletters distributed monthly, almost 500 monthly visits to jails and more than 200 visits to hospitals, plus about 6,500 personal connections made with people providing emotional and general support a month.
Rabbi Arush says: "Someone who joins in my work in this world, joins me in the Next World."
Our total annual operational costs are almost $14 million every single year!
To donate, click here...To donate, click here...  To donate, click here...


 How You Can Help How You Can Help
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Be a partner in igniting souls!
To contact a Chut Shel Chessed representative, please call:

Jerusalem, Israel: 972-2-5323339
Brooklyn, New York: 718-577-2975
Los Angeles, California: 323-271-0581

Donations can also be mailed to:

Chut Shel Chessed Institutions
POB 50226
Jerusalem, Israel

Or to PEF Israel Endowment Funds
317 Madison Ave. Suite 607
New York, NY 10017 USA

The check should be made out to PEF Israel Endowment Funds. In the check's memo, please note that the donation is for "Mosdot Chut Shel Chessed."

You will receive a tax deductible receipt in the mail.

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