23 Shvat 5782 / Tuesday, January 25, 2022 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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The Institutions The Institutions
The Institutions
This is the story about a small but most unique Yeshiva (and Kollel), ‘Chut Shel Chessed’ (a ‘Thread of Kindness’), whose main goal is to help Jews grow closer to the Torah and to G-D by teaching them the wisdom and beauty of Torah and by being a friendly ear and a guiding hand.
Patience, kindness, love, the strengthening of character and encouraging, spiritual support and often times even physical support are all synonyms with the name 'Chut Shel Chesed'.
In addition to learning the Torah and enhancing their minds spiritually, the students of 'Chut Shel Chesed' have taken it upon themselves to encourage other Jews to follow in the uplifted paths that have enriched the students’ lives with ultimate joy and fulfillment until this day.
Rabbi Shalom Arush Shlita Rabbi Shalom Arush Shlita
Rabbi Shalom Arush Shlita A Jewish man with a noble soul, gentle and pleasant, whose eyes twinkle with kindness and sympathy, Rabbi Arush is well known for his big heart, overwhelmed by a genuine love for Am Yisrael.

His incomparable sense of patience and tremendous empathy for people and the sufferings they endure penetrate the hearts of all those who encounter him (especially the hearts of his students) and one cannot help but sincerely love this man almost from the first minute they hear him speak. Full of reverence of Heaven, this beloved man spends his life serving G-D and helping his fellow Jews any way he can with the utmost humility and humbleness.
How you can help How you can help

How You Can Help There is a great mitzvah to give charity and donate money to organizations that help people and bring them close to Hashem. The students of Chut Shel Chessed along with many other generous people spend much of their time distributing tapes of Rabbi Arush’s lessons along with books of Rebbe Nachmanl, and thus have managed to strengthen the people, while instilling the Rebbe’s vital motto of, “There is no despair in the whole world.”

Rabbi Arush gives many lessons full of encouragement and strengthening which include guidance on peace in the home, attaining livelihood and of course reassurance of G-D’s infinite love. Sadly, many people have never understood how much G-D truly loves them and accepts them until after they have listened to the Rabbi’s tapes. Can you imagine how they felt when they first heard his words? Can you imagine how the person responsible for giving them those tapes feels now, knowing what good he has done for those people? It is beyond description. Thousands of people around the world testify that Rabbi Arush's books have changed their lives.

Addresses & Phone Numbers Addresses & Phone Numbers
Addresses & Phone Numbers Here you can find the phone numbers and addresses of the various institutions and yeshivas, etc. run by Rabbi Arush and Chut Shel Chessed, hotline numbers for couples and singles as well as the phone numbers and /or email addresses of the website crew.


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