23 Shvat 5782 / Tuesday, January 25, 2022 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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Medicine and Jewish Law  
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 Medicine and Jewish Law Medicine and Jewish Law
    Beit Midrash Responsa on the Parshiot Hashavua - Shalom La'am (Hebrew)
Beit Midrash questions and answers on the weekly parshiot - Shalom La'am.
Our Price: USD $ 12.70 List Price: USD $ 19.10 You Save: 33%
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    Concise Book of Mitzvot / Sefer Hamitzvot Hamitzvot - Hebrew
The Book of Mitzvot by Chofetz Chaim. A description of all the commandments applicable in our time, including those contingent upon the Land of Israel, with invaluable commentary and explanation.
Our Price: USD $ 8.90 List Price: USD $ 11.20 You Save: 20%
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    Handbook of Torah and Mental Health
The Torah's formula for creating and maintaining psychological health remains a mystery to outsiders. The authors have successfully applied Torah psychology in private practice with astounding success.
Our Price: USD $ 11.20 List Price: USD $ 15.90 You Save: 30%
    Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy
Dangerous Disease & Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics: Principles and Practice. Best-selling author and doctor Akiva Tatz's new book on medical ethics in Judaism is here! A detailed treatise on a wide range of medical topics.
Our Price: USD $ 30.80 List Price: USD $ 44.50 You Save: 31%
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    Rav Asher Weiss on Medical Halachic Issues - The Fund Family Edition
Rav Weiss is one of the world's leading authorities in the area of medical halachah. He is contacted regularly by rabbis and Torah scholars around the world, spanning the full spectrum of Jewish life, for his rulings and advice in all areas of Jewish Law.
Our Price: USD $ 20.10 List Price: USD $ 31.80 You Save: 37%
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    Remember and Observe (Zachor v'Shamor) - Hebrew
Large and comprehensive essay of the halachot of Shabbat candles and Shabbat challot.
Our Price: USD $ 15.60 List Price: USD $ 20.70 You Save: 25%
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    Sefer "And Avraham Said - The Four Species" - Hebrew-English
Halachic rulings and study of the Halachot of the Four Species by Rabbi Avraham Chaim Adas, Shlita.
Our Price: USD $ 9.60 List Price: USD $ 14.30 You Save: 33%
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    Sefer "And Avraham Said" - Hebrew-English
Table of blessing of foods, in alphabetical order, according to the customs of all communities, in Hebrew and English.
Our Price: USD $ 9.60 List Price: USD $ 14.30 You Save: 33%
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