18 Shvat 5782 / Thursday, January 20, 2022 | Torah Reading: Va'era
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Author   Hafatza

Cameo Silver Rectangle


NEW! Special! A great and wonderful segula!

Cameo  with the letter HAY in Hamsa!

Spectacular special segula with the letter "Hay" inscribed in Hamsa is located on a silver tray with decorations embedded around and within the Hamsa, Hamsa embedded below the verse, "I will admit there every heart". Tray comes in a special cream-colored  package  and next to it is a detailed explanation of the meaning of the letter "Hay", and the qualites that Rabbi Nachman discusses about it in Sefer Midot, - which as a segula for having children!

The letter HAYl - for the whole world!

The letter HAYl is specialyl sacred in Judaism.  There is a theory according to the revealed secret and according to Torah, as it says in the Torah: "These are the generations of heaven and earth  of Avram", and sages demanded that word: a capital created them - that is, that God created the world with HAY .

Since the birth of the world was made with HAY, it therefore has a very large force to fertility, mating, livelihood and wealth - and in fact, it has the power to bring the renewal of all the cycles of creation and blessings to the world.

Rabbi Nachman, in the holy book anthology  said that Abraham and Sarah were initially named 'Abram and Princess, and their name did not have the letter HAY, and they were infertile for many years. When God added to their names the letter HA, only then they were complete, and blessed with a son..

Yosef  HaTzaddik said "HAY is to you the  seed" - and explains Rabbi Nathan of Breslov, these words Joseph told  to Egypt's wealthiest.

And Rabbi Nachman says in his anthology the letter HAY is able to open  bounty!

Do not miss the opportunity to open all the gates! Book today! Suitable for any occasion and unique gift!



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Cameo Silver Rectangle
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Cameo Silver Rectangle
ISBN:   kam-he-tas
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