19 Cheshvan 5782 / Monday, October 25, 2021 | Torah Reading: Chayei Sarah
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Who is Rav Shalom Arush voting for?

Israel is voting once again. There are so many parties to choose from. This is Rabbi Shalom Arush's advice for these days

By: Rabbi Shalom Arush
Date of recording: 3/15/2021
Duration: 00:01:25
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Who is Rav Shalom Arush voting for?

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 Breslev Israel Clips Breslev Israel Clips
  For Your Own Sake!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 5/5/2021, 04:55
Rabbi Shalom Arush has an important message to give you, for your own sake!

  We Can Count on Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai!  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Update date: 5/5/2021, 04:57
You too can have the merit of Rabbi Shalom Arush representing you in the mitzvah of pouring oil on Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai's bonfire onLag BaOmer. May you get all the salvations you need!

  Do You want Honor?  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 5/5/2021, 04:58
There is only one way to be truly honored and respected by everyone!

  Rabbi Shimon's Power  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Publish date: 4/21/2021, 11:34
Rabbi Shalom Arush will give you a blessing at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Click here https://breslevisrael.activetrail.biz/LAGENG Give us a like and share with your friends 🙂

  God of Meir, Answer Me!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/14/2021, 20:29
Thank G-d, this year on 26-April we can all visit Rebbe Meir Baal HaNes' gravesite in Tiveria. If you cannot come, send your request for prayers to Rabbi Shalom Arush. He will pray on behalf of you and your dear ones at the tomb on this auspicious day!

  Keep the Law!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/14/2021, 05:35
Both natural and spiritual laws work like a Swiss watch! Keep the law and you'll see wonders happening!

  Joy & Jokes  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/6/2021, 10:45
When the gates of your heart are closed, there is only one thing that will open them!

  Spiritual Work During the Omer - Emuna Tip 6  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/29/2021, 14:53
During the days between Pesach and Shavuot, we should be focusing on one very important aspect of our Divine service.

  The search for chametz  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Publish date: 3/24/2021, 12:08
We all search our homes for chametz on the eve of Pesach. But what about our own souls?

  Every year it comes back!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Publish date: 3/22/2021, 14:09
Pesach is not only a mere historic event for us... What is it then?

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