24 Adar 5781 / Monday, March 08, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayakhel - Pekudei
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 Shavuot Shavuot
  A Torah for Everyone  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 5/11/2017, 21:56
For hundreds of years, Hashem revealed Himself to the Prophets of the Jewish People. But, when it came to giving us the Torah, Hashem revealed Himself to the entire nation...

  Shavuot - Mitzvot and Halachot  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 12/13/2020, 11:06
The Mitzvot, customs, laws, and other insights on the very special holiday of Shavuot.

  Anchor of Sanity  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 5/28/2014, 15:08
This is our preparatory lesson for Shavuot and receiving the Torah: a person is liable to drown in the stormy sea of so much craziness and eccentricity in the world. The Torah is an anchor of sanity…

  The Sixth Day  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 5/9/2013, 12:34
This week's shiur is our preparatory shiur for Shavuot. Why must we renew our receiving of the Torah every year? What is the Torah's role in the sustenance of creation?

  Unconditional Love  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Update date: 12/28/2020, 10:00
Even though the Jewish's people's accomplishments in science, medicine, technology and many other fields are so great, that's not the reason that they're the Chosen People... Happy Shavuot!

  Amalek, Who Are You?  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Publish date: 5/1/2013, 13:31
We have a constant mitzva of blotting out Amalek; normally, we associate Amalek with Haman and Purim. What is his connection to Shavuot? How do we recognize him?

  Out of Your Mind  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Publish date: 1/13/2012, 00:00
By nature you're unlimited and capable of transcending beyond conventional wisdom. Learn how others are breaking out of learned limitations. Hear how the concept of transcendence relates to Shavuos and the mission of Rabbi Shalom Arush.

  Shavuot on a Saturday Night  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 10/20/2020, 15:35
All you need to know to prepare yourselves for the holiday when it falls on a Saturday night after Shabbat.

  Shmuel Hanavi and Shavuot  
By Rabbi Meir Elkabas
Update date: 3/9/2015, 13:57
Rabbi Meir Elkabas Parshat Nasso 5771

  Shavuot Customs  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Update date: 12/28/2020, 09:02
Breslev Israel wish you all a very happy Shavuot!

  One Heart at Sinai  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 10/30/2020, 12:57
After all the hardships of the journey, B'nei Israel finally arrive at the Mount Sinai to dedicate themselves to receiving the Torah. Moshe Rabbeinu ascends and then brings down the Ten Commandments.

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