5 Teves 5782 / Thursday, December 09, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayigash
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Perek Shira - The Ant

Perek Shira - Song of Existence: The Ant - Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

By: Rabbi Shmuel Kraines
Date of recording: 4/29/2020
Duration: 00:04:16
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Perek Shira - The Ant

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 Jewish Music Jewish Music
  Eye on the Light  
By Eliezer Kosoy
Update date: 8/1/2021, 18:25
A song by "Elyon" (from the names Elizer Kosoy and Yonason Hill) from their new album "Elyon the Classic".

  Emuna Shlema (Complete Faith)  
By Eliezer Kosoy
Update date: 8/27/2021, 05:11
A song by "Elyon" (from the first names Elizer Kosoy and Yonason Hill) from their new album "A Little Bit of Light!"

  Eight Flames  
By Nissim Black
Update date: 11/26/2021, 10:47
Listen to Nissim Black’s Chanukah song celebrating the resilient flame in each Jew’s heart. This song was created as a response to anti-Semitic attacks in LA, 2019.

  B'Shuvcha (In Your Return)  
By Gad Elbaz
Update date: 9/8/2020, 17:51
The coronavirus has brought many questions to our world. Nothing is certain anymore. This song is to show the importance of emuna in our lives to give us light and to bring the complete redemption with mercy.

  Breslov Bar Band - Oy Gevalt  
By Breslov Bar Band
Update date: 9/6/2019, 00:14
Breslov Bar Band, Oy Gevalt.

  Breslov Bar Band - Mi Yiten  
By Breslov Bar Band
Update date: 9/6/2019, 00:14
Breslov Bar Band, Mi Yiten.

  Avrumy & Tuli - Bashefer ("I'm Yours")  
By Avrumy & Tuli
Update date: 4/12/2020, 10:13
Avrumy & Tuli - Bashefer I'm Yours. I turn to you, No matter where or what, I believe in you, Hashem Echad.

  Avo El Hamelech (I Will Come Before the King)  
By Shlomo Katz
Update date: 8/17/2020, 08:07
“Avo el Hamelech”, from Megillat Esther, is in the High Holiday prayers. Queen Esther tells us ‘whether you feel it or not, whether it makes sense to you or not, AVO EL HAMELECH – COME BEFORE THE KING.’

  Ata Kadosh (You are Holy)  
By Yosef Daniel
Update date: 1/3/2021, 16:38
Am Yisroel's national goal is to bring Hashem's holiness back to the Beit HaMikdash. Yosef Daniel's song declares Hashem's holiness in his personal life as well.

  Ari Goldwag - The Artist  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Update date: 4/12/2020, 10:14
Ari Goldwag, The Artist

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