26 Iyar 5781 / Saturday, May 08, 2021 | Torah Reading: Behar - Bechukotai
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  Rav Arush Q&A in English-with R. Moshe Weinberger  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/28/2021, 17:04
An amazing class with R' Weinberger and R' Arush, who inspired us all with their Torah and their incredible stories, which apply to the whole year! You MUST listen to minute 37 for R' Weinberger's favorite story. Life changing!

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Moshe Perlstein  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/23/2021, 12:47
Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Perlstein discuss the aftermath of Corona, as well as how to make the most of these special days of counting the Omer and much more!

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Jodeci Joseph  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/15/2021, 05:17
Unity of Diversity! Rabbi Arush and Jodeci discuss how to get through those dark times, why does God punish us, dealing with low self esteem and severe depression, and managing with failure. This is a must watch class with encouragement for everyone!

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Eitan Katz  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/13/2021, 18:05
Rav Arush emphasizes holding onto our emuna in Hashem. He spoke of the, influence of music in service of Hashem, the melody of emuna, the specialness of Leil Seder (night of Passover) to bring personal salvation.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Shlomo Katz  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/13/2021, 17:22
Rabbi Arush speaks about the reason to travel to gravesites of tzaddikim, the light of Rebbe Nachman on his birthday, how to pray Sh'ma properly, reading about emuna and "speaking it out", emuna is life itself; and speech in exile.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Dov Halperin  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/13/2021, 18:04
Rabbi Arush describes how to successfully handle a child who doesn't listen, and how to be happy always, how to say thank You while feeling pain, and wanting Mashiach for Hashem's sake rather than ours.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English-Shlepping Nachas Band  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/26/2021, 11:21
Rav Arush discusses what real simcha is and how you know if your happiness is real, his customs on Purim to take full advantage of the auspicious days. Nissim Black and Michael Ben Melech from LHP in Miami, Fl join in the merry-making!

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with the Nuriel Band  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/26/2021, 10:00
Rabbi Arush discusses the importance of emuna to combat coronavirus, meriting a good life and protection by saying "thank you", asking forgiveness daily, finding one's soulmate, and finding the truth in desire to do mitzvot.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Gedale Fenster  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/9/2021, 09:10
Soulful Win! In dating, you must become the one rather than finding the one without limiting thoughts and expectations. Also discusses the role of emuna in healing mind and body, fighting addictions, and the 40-Day Challenge.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English-with Y. Shofario, Y. Hill  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/8/2021, 13:34
Soulful emuna music! Rabbi Arush discusses will in our service of Hashem, Exercise #8, the book The Universal Garden of Emuna for all people during the pandemic, praying for Hashem to find one's soulmate, and strengthening oneself after a failure.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Yosef Daniel  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/3/2021, 07:42
Rav Arush discusses hitbodedut on Shabbat, Yitro's advice to Moshe and the negative outcome, root of current hatred in Am Yisrael, heaviness of the current exile, conversion difficulties, and Emuna Exercise #7.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Asaf Goren  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 1/29/2021, 13:57
Rabbi Arush discusses rumors of war and how to prepare spiritually, the constant battle to defeat the Dark Side, importance of hitbodedut, role of music to bring others close to Hashem, and a review of the others.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English-with Rabbi Simon Jacobson  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 1/14/2021, 06:05
Rav Arush reviewed the emuna exercises and added the sixth exercise, using emuna to hold on during dark times, difficulties don't define us, unity of the Jewish people, and the importance of every individual Jew.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Meir Kay  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 1/14/2021, 06:02
Rav Arush discusses emuna vs bitachon. He also talks about how to elevate technology to spread emuna, to strengthen one's will to be good, and to teach others with short, positive messages.

  Rav Arush Q&A in English - with Liron Mazor,Part 3  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 1/10/2021, 12:06
Rav Arush discusses spiritual effects of debts and their effect on one's children, how respect for one's wife brings wealth, saying Parashat HaMann, honoring parents, and the effect of anger on income. Based on Rav Arush's book "The Garden of Riches".

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